Based in Helsinki, Finland

Release date:
March 3rd 2020




Puddle Knights is a turn-based puzzle game featuring medieval scenery and unique mud-and-cape based gameplay. You direct knights with a cape trailing behind them in a snakelike fashion, trying to get nobles to their goal without getting mud on any fancy clothes. The game builds up depth on top of an elegant set of unique core mechanics to provide a variety of challenging puzzles.


  • 90+ handcrafted challenging levels
  • Unique gameplay mechanics including cape tearing, one-way drawbridges and head hops
  • Avoids logic puzzle game cliches
  • Mistake-making and experimentation enabled by Undo and Reset functions


Puddle Knights started development as a two-day prototype in December 2018, which already included the current set of core mechanics, but just a handful of levels and simple graphics. However, the concept stuck and the team soon felt there was a lot more to explore in the land where capes are long and mud is plentiful. The ideas had to brew for a while longer until Harry Damm joined Olli Etuaho at Lockpickle in spring 2019 and the project was picked up for further development.

Gameplay mechanics were added, with some like swine herding eventually getting axed while others like drawbridges and stepping on heads found use in lots of levels. An investment was also made to a custom animation system that makes the capes flex just the right way in motion, as well as custom level editing tools that made adding the rest of the 90+ levels a breeze.

Now the game has several hours of gameplay and is planned for a March 2020 release while the team tweaks the difficulty curve and puts in some final touches.

Other platforms will likely follow the initial PC and Mac release later.


Puddle Knights YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (4MB)
Character closeup
Bridge Racer
Crossover Episode
Hats of Iron
Head-On Approach
Maze Field
Towering Triplets
Tiny Pirouette
Your Cross to Tear

download logo files as .zip (198KB)

Puddle Knights Credits

Olli Etuaho
Business & Development, Concept Artist, Lockpickle

Harry Damm
Game Design, Audio Design, Music, Level Design, Lockpickle

Pyry Takkunen
Game Design, Level Design, Freelancer

Antti Hamara
3D Lead Artist, Technical Artist, Freelancer

Ville Paloheimo
3D Character Artist, Freelancer

Görkem Ayyildiz
3D Environment Artist, Freelancer