About us

Lockpickle is a studio driven by the dream of making video games with truly groundbreaking gameplay.

We currently have a core team of three people, all industry veterans: Olli Etuaho, Harry Damm and Ville Paloheimo.

Lockpickle was founded by Olli Etuaho in late 2018 after he left NVIDIA to pursue smaller and better things. Here's what some past collaborators have to say about him:

Olli made tremendous contributions to the WebGL ecosystem, spanning the deepest levels of the shader compiler all the way up to improving the performance of web-based virtual reality content. Olli is an extraordinarily talented engineer and a pleasure to work with. I can't recommend him highly enough.

Ken Russell, WebGL TL at Google, and WebGL WG Chair at Khronos

Olli is an excellent developer with great teamwork, and a world-class WebGL expert. We collaborated on the ANGLE project where he was the de-facto maintainer of the shader compiler, pushing it to higher standards of testability and maintainability all the while adding new features. Olli contributed to most other parts of the WebGL implementation ecosystem too! His excellent communication made it easy to work across timezones and I definitely recommend working with him!

Corentin Wallez, Software engineer at Google, GPU for the Web Community Group Chair at W3C

Work with us

We are always on the lookout for additional collaborators and potential business partners with experience in game development.

We don't have any specific open positions at the moment, but we're particularly interested in connecting with people with the following skills or qualifications:

We offer a relaxed and open working environment, responsibility balanced with freedom. There will be no crunch.

Introduce yourself to: olli.etuaho at lockpickle.com


We occasionally offer expert consulting services, with a particular focus on high-end WebGL use cases. Olli is an individual contributor member of the Khronos Group, the standards organization behind the WebGL, glTF and Vulkan specifications among others.

Get in touch: olli.etuaho at lockpickle.com